What’s up with that???

This really isn’t about anything in particular. Just rambling I guess. So here we go…

Pictures? What ever happened to good posture? I saw a picture of a little girl who actually isn’t so little anymore (I remember when she was born) and she is slouching like her hands should be in her feet’s place. I don’t get it? Why do that? I think it looks kind of funny, not like in a laughing way. I mean awkward and uncomfortable. Really, it’s not just pictures, there is just a terrible posture epidemic that is running rampant. Is it to look like a model in her mainly subordinate position?

Strangers? They can be danger. True. So do you realize that everyone EVERYONE you meet in life is a stranger? I mean really, you are not inside of another persons head so you cannot tell whether or not they are crazy just by looking at them. They could be just as loco as any killer out there. The especially funny thing is that while random people kidnap and rape, the majority of violent crimes are perpetrated by those closest to you. Strange huh??? What really brought me to this thought was the lady who does my hair. While I am sitting in her chair thinking, “Everyone you meet in life is a stranger,” she begins talking to whoever on the phone about her parole officer. ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHAT DID YOU DO? Just because she has a PO doesn’t mean that she is going to kill me. I know a lot of people with parole officers for the slightest indiscretions. In a way, I can’t be too hard on her or start to freak out and never come back because, I just do not know what she did….which is actually a good reason not to go back. But I really like the way she does my hair so I’ll just pray and go πŸ™‚

Speaking of hair…..let’s talk about it for a second. I was just reading someone else’s blog about hair (bglhonline.com) and there was a girl featured who had a professor that told her something about natural hair, β€œIt’s not so much about rejecting Anglo Saxon and European aesthetics as it is embracing your own.” I really like that quote. Embracing my own God given aesthetics πŸ™‚

Now here is a question: If it is given by God and all things He created are good in His sight, is it ok to be natural??? That sounds like a funny question as it is a little backwards but here’s the deal. Some people hate my hair like with a passion. HATE but it’s given by God who said that I am fearfully and wonderfully made(Psalm 139:14 <—- this was actually a conversation I had with a lovely young lady when I visited a friend’s church)…why do I have to straighten my hair? I don’t like it straight. Does God want it straight? Hmmmmm? For now I’ve just been keeping it braided until I reach a conclusion on this matter.

Oh one last thing, people are actually reading this!!!! Well, of course you know because you are. Thanks πŸ™‚ I never really expected it to be honest, I was just doing something that I thought was kind of cool. But I was talking to my friend Cathy and she was like, “YEA GIRL I READ YOU BLOG!!!” (love that girl) and then I get a comment from my brother (whom I love dearly) and another young lady. Incredible. I’m excited about that. Thanks again guys πŸ™‚

Anywaiz, I’m going to make the best of this loverly day that I was graciously granted.

All the best.


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