There is none like You

So tonight…..oh, tonight. I did not expect it to be what it was. I just figured I would go to this fund raiser concert, support and see some friends and be finished. But no! That is not what God had in mind.

I really wanted a worship experience, almost a desire for a release and I thought the possibility of it coming from here was there but the idea left me as time came close to the concert.

The atmosphere of surrender was phenomenal. While there were fewer people than I expected, the room was full. The spirit of God and I can only imagine a host of angels joined in as we lifted our hearts to the King. He is sooooooo good and I am soooooo glad

Recently, stress has been following me like a real stalker and it felt as if my prayers were hitting the ceiling. No matter what I did I could not get passed this awkward barrier that felt like serious silence on God’s part and of course it became discouraging. To reach God and feel His presence would have been amazing…but it simply was not happening or at least it did not feel like it was.

But tonight, there was a release. As testimonies, admittance of weakness and cries for the Lord filled the air, the room change from a jazz cafe to a sanctuary. He was welcome and He showed Himself strong. My God, my Father, my Love.

I feel like I’ve been renewed once again. My heart cried in harmony with others as we worshiped the giver of all.

I could go on forever about this one experience. It was perfect. I only pray that this is not simply an emotional, one night kind of thing but that He will continue to usher me into His beautiful, wonderful presence.

My God, my Father, my Love

He is exalted and I will praise Him


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