So this upcoming fall, I will entering my junior year in college. Yay me!!!! Well, after a class or three this summer I will be like a super junior. Now, I feel like I need to start thinking about graduate school. I really want to go to law school, more specifically Liberty University for two reasons: my brothers did undergrad there and I really like the idea of a strict Christian law application…it intrigues me especially as people often feel that lawyer is synonymous with liar. No, just because they sound the same….

Anywaiz, what do I want to do with my life???

My plan as a lawyer is to advocate up-in-coming Christian businesses in whatever realm they may need representation: real estate to contracts, I would like to be a jack of all trade….only with law 🙂

Well, is it too early to be looking into grad school? When do people usually start doing that? Especially considering that I have a whole child to care for, would it be best to prepare now? Like RIGHT NOW???

Really, it is not even so much the concept of when but how that I am worried about. How do I look for a grad school to really suit my needs? (yes, LU is my number one choice for sure but is it where I really want or need to be?) How do I do that? How do I prepare to go out on my own and care for my son while I am in school? That’s more like it.

These are pretty much unanswered questions on my part for now. I need to look into it. I need to fast, pray, cry and research.


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