Other news…

Let’s talk weight….along with other health issues.

Weight….kind of a weighty subject. Hahaha I don’t think there has been a time when I was really happy with the way I looked…..that’s not true. Like RIGHT after I had Dylan, I looked like amazing!!!! Oh and prom. Yea, that was a great day for the mirror 🙂 but beyond (and even before) those days, my weight has been a constant struggle. Not one in which I was made fun of or told bad things about myself but one that was truly personal. Soooooooooo here’s the plan or this is how it started since it’s been in progress for about a month. LoL

I called it my 1 Corinthians 6:19 challenge where I would be going on a 90 day weight loss…uh…journey. But now I’m just like, ok need a lifestyle change. I do not say that to say, I will only be researching and “figuring things out” while I actually do not make ANY progress (I’ve seen it happen) but I will be doing things while learning to perfect them.

I am perfect and beautiful in God’s eyes from my head (oh yes my fro) to my toes. I accept and love that He loves me but now as a steward of this gift of a working body, I would like to take better care of it. So far I have dropped 2 sizes which seemed to have been water weight and not I would like to lose 2 more. I really enjoyed being a 9 and I think that’s where I was happiest.

Speaking of happiness as it relates to weight. I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I realized that I never noticed how good I looked along every stage and I really took it all for granted. Right now as an 11 in jeans and some dresses, I am soooooooooo happy!!!! I like me, like a lot and I will enjoy the process.

College does something to your waist that makes it want to expand.

Ok so personal health issues to being overweight……none really until late. I do not know if this relates to my weight or not but I will certainly be asking a lot of questions. I had to go to the hospital for nearly fainting and the doctor found that I had an irregular heart beat that may have been the cause. I doubt that was caused by my weight but still, it’s something to ask about.

Until then, I will continue to work on a healthy lifestyle and make it work.

Oh and I’m 5’7″ and big boned (like really, I’m not just making excuses LoL) so my weight is pretty evenly distributed. Really, my weight is not the problem but my size.Oy, we’ll see what happens.

Q: Is it possible to drop 2 sizes in 3 weeks? Then it would just be about maintenance. Hmmmm another question to ponder.


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