Friends…How many of us have them?

Apparently, I have 1002 according to Facebook. But how many of them do I actually spend any time with ever? Like maybe 10…discounting family.

You meet a person and instead of exchanging numbers you say, “You on Facebook?” and that is supposed to be the start of your friendship but most of the time that is exactly what stunts it.

Recently, I just met a bunch of people that I would really like to keep in touch with and well, I found them on FB but this time, I did something a little different, I got like all of their numbers. Yup, I’m so innovative trying to actually hear people’s voices and build a connection through verbal and  cognitive interaction. *takes a bow*

SERIOUSLY…that’s not such a ground breaking idea. It’s how we used to be before we could just “add” friends and I would like to do it again….I’m going to have to change this. I’m going to get in touch with people and connect with them, build real relationships and commune with others the way that God intended: over the phone and then meeting at IHOP 🙂

Let the, uh, experiment begin ❤

See ya….I’m gonna watch Bye Bye Birdie with my mommy and do some homework.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. apollorose
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 07:04:00

    Who would have thought that friendships were built that way. 🙂

    People use that word a lot, but the definition depends on . . .


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