Bills huh???

I need another job…

Currently, I work at Borders but I’m just not getting the hours that I need to do what I need to. It’s kind of a sucky situation but on my side of the store there seem to be fewer hours to go around. Maybe I should ask to get cafe trained….eh, I hate dealing with people and food though. Maybe I’ll just have to just take it like a… HA

I’m looking for another job. The other day, I got a letter from the hospital and it was a bill. I had to take my son to the ER the other day and now I have received my comeuppance. Uhg. Well, that is not the only bill I need to pay, I was in the ER the other day and I know there are doctor bills that I need to call about. Funny thing about growing up, you make money but you have to spend it. These are the things you do not realize when you are a kid. There are those things that you can control so you can keep your finances pretty and tied with a pretty pink bow but then there is the unexpected…the unexpected must have a crush on my because it likes to follow me EVERYWHERE.

Still, praise God for the mind and the ability to search for and get another job. I’m tempted to say that the problem now is that the job market is super slim with the pickins right about now but God is in control. He owns it all. I have no need for worry. It’s a waste of time.

Gotta have faith (assurance of things hoped for – I hope to get a job, evidence of things not seen – I do not see one…anywhere  Heb 11:1 by the way)

Adieu to you ❤


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